Corsica vacation - holidays Corsica

Corsica vacation -  holidays Corsica

Practical Infos

Hikes in southern Corsica

For your sorties few hiking topos
Easy and enjoyable that you find on the ground in Monte Marina
I (John) accompanist in the mountains, a graduate of State
You can also propose other sports topos Mountaineering and Climbing

rando à Bavella

In the mountain of Bavella :

La Purcaraccia : Rando easy and water; 1 H go
The hole in the bomb and Promontoire: rando easy; 1:30 to go
The tour needle Bavella: difficult
Thecanyon Poliscello : very difficult

Around Tarco :

From residence at Favona: easy; 45 minutes to go
The tower Fautea: easy: 30 minutes
The peninsula Pinarello: easy; 1 H
The Monte Santu: easy; 30 mn

Other hikes :

The cliffs of Bonifacio: easy to difficult
Rondinara : easy
The tour of lakes in the cortenais: difficult
The tower Paliri: very difficult

Topos climbing and mountain biking :
Punta Calcina
Monte Santu
Topos biking


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