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Corsica vacation -  holidays Corsica

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Overview of the flora Corsican

"C'est une triste chose de penser que la nature parle et que le genre humain n'écoute pas." Victor Hugo
(It is a sad thing to think that the nature talks and that the human race is not listening.)
"Quand le dernier arbre sera abattu, la dernière rivière empoisonnée, le dernier poisson pêché,
alors vous découvrirez que l'argent ne se mange pas."
Proverbe des indiens Crees
(When the last tree is felled, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught,
Then you discover that the money does not eat. )

Preserving the (planet) !

The cork oak

There are many cork oak plantations in Corsica, particularly in the south of the island. The tree application of heat, moisture and light. Every 8 to 12 years practiced "démasclage" which involves extracting the thick layer of cork.
The tree then reveals a beautiful wooden red brown then gradually recovering its bark.
The production, which flourished in the nineteenth century, is on the decline and there are oak isolated in the bush, marked their scar



Pine Lariccio

The Lariccio pine grows at altitudes ranging between sea level and 2000 m, more generally between 250 and 1600 m. This is because a large tree reaches 20 to 55 m in height at maturity. It grows moderately fast (30 to 70 cm / yr) and, in general, it presents a rounded cone shape, becoming erratic with age, it has a relatively long life expectancy, since enjoyed some trees more than 500 years . Pine Lariccio dislikes shade and requires a lot of sun to thrive, but it is very resistant to the snow and ice. Napoleon employed including Corsican pine laricios of masts as for its vessels.

aconite corse

The aconite

Perennial of the family renonculacées, measuring 40 to 150 cm and leaves door of a blue-purple.

This is a toxic plant

This endemic species is found only on the plateau above Coscione Quenza

His harvest is prohibited.

asphodele corse
The asphodèle

In Corsican language, asphodèle is called differently, depending on whether it refers to the plant foot (u taravellu), dry (tirlu - zirlu), or that it refers to its use (u luminellu, u candelu. S 'accommodating all the lands, asphodèle grows. she thrives in the spring and dry summer.

In Corsica, asphodèle is of considerable symbolic importance. Thanks to her, mazzeri can show their power. The asphodèle is the plant protective par excellence. Formerly, it confectionnait crosses to protect crops or promote. On the night of Saint John, its role in the rite was also important.

The asphodèle was also used for: the stem dry torch used in homes, cabins or to travel at night. With the leaves on confectionnait mattresses, feces.

ferule corse

The rule

The rule is similar to fennel but it is bigger. His yellow flower has an unpleasant smell. Her highly developed root is difficult to eradicate. Appreciating the sun and merely a poor, the leadership grows next to roads on dry hills ...

It éclôt spring and disappears in winter.

This highly toxic plant, shepherds feared because it can poison their animals, were frequently used.

With the stem, very rigid when it is used to make dry canes, feet benches or seats, splints to heal the fractured legs of the animals, cut in two, the stick was used to sharpen leadership razors and knives.

hellebore corse

The Corsican Helleborus - A nocca

The Helleborus is a plant toxic cyrno-sarde giving big and beautiful flowers. She is the first to bloom (in winter).

Formerly, the plant was used to heal the wounds of animals: one was heating the root fire to extract its juice to kill worms and désinfectait wound.

Apart from this use in the pharmacopoeia People mention that to protect their cheese and retain their freshness, shepherds the enveloppaient in sheets of Helleborus.

The Corsican thyme

Thyme "erba barona" is a plant endemic cyrno-sarde,
That grows in the mountains (from 500 to 2000 m). There are at Bavella.

Fort enjoyed cooking to flavor sauces and soups, also falling as aromatic, in the preparation of pork tripe, the shepherds gather the summer to make provision.

The infusion of erba barona has digestive properties.

The peony Corsican

The paeonia mascula, Corsican variety is a beautiful peony that although protected, unfortunately becoming rare because many levies.





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