Corsica vacation - holidays Corsica

Corsica vacation -  holidays Corsica

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The coast of the Mother of pearls

The beaches near the residence

In an exceptionally well preserved, the coastline of the coast alternates Mother of pearls,
Solenzara of Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio, creeks and sandy beaches.
The villages, ideally located mid provide an intimate face of Corsica.
Go exploring a territory original and authentic.
La Corse in all its splendor!


The coast of the Mother of pearls is a territory with a human dimension,
It follows naturally practices exchanges between secular three villages:
Solaro north Sari-Solenzara the center and south Conca.

This close relationship between the mountains and is seen as the key factor
Development of the area unique.
The first attraction of the coast of Mother of pearls, the capital of spaces of nature:
Bush's perfumes mingle with spray in the heart of sites
Among the most fascinating of Corsica.

location corse

The Tyrrhenian Sea has a coastline rich lulled long sandy beaches,
Small sheltered coves and bays to the emerald waters.
A large number of small coves wild s'égrainent along the coast.
Accessible by boat or on foot, these small creeks pebbles, rocks and sand
Proving to be a true paradise.

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